The Open Decision Tool Demo (odt-demo)

I’m developing the Open Decision Tool Demo to provide a way to demonstrate the Structured Decision Making/Decision Management methodology. While the methodology can be executed on paper or by spreadsheet, it is a bit tedious without a database and collaborative decision-making is substantially enhanced by broader accessibility.

My application of SDMDM is grounded in engineer. My goal is to support the application of SDMDM in systems engineering, specifically architecting. As decisions are central to engineering activities, getting the decision framework in place is the first step. The planned information architecture is shown below, while the initial version will support the decision elements.

Previous and active sprint progress is described here: and some tool navigation is described here:

While developing this demonstration, I’ve been learning javascript, node, Meteor, React, css, etc., etc. There is a lot still to do, and a lot to fix. If you are interested in seeing how I’m doing or contributing, please drop a note to info@ this domain or cdsolns dot com.