Coherent Decision Solutions


A transparent structured method for decision making is applied when the outcome of a decision is impactful.


Provide a simple, scaleable method for structured decision making, available to everyone, via affordable training and tools. Provide a manageable ‘on-ramp’ for engineers or companies looking to begin their journey with systems engineering.

I help individuals and groups apply repeatable decision making techniques and tools to manage strategic decisions over time. These Structure Decision Making/Decision Management S2(DM) techniques are meant to be transferred to the users for their continued independent application.

My customers are individuals, groups or teams desiring to leverage the critical decisions they make and increase the quality of outcomes while decreasing cycle time. An individual can be attempting to choose a college or location to live. A team can track the decisions made from product inception through concept, decision, manufacturing and release. The methods are trainable, repeatable and scalable.

I am currently developing a web-based client/server decision management tool using the Meteor framework (javascript/MongoDB) with React.  If working on an open-source project is interesting to you, please contact me.

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