Decision Managment

Decision Management is a discipline that enables innovation and collaboration while increasing the speed and quality of decision making and accelerating learning through decision cycles. Better decisions reduce rework and propagate successes thereby leveraging resources for greater accomplishments.

The discipline of Decision Management encompasses:

    1.  a structured process for making a decision [ Decision-making ]
    2.  the recognition that one decision impacts other decisions [ Decision Networks ]
    3.  the oversight of a decision network  [ Decision Administration ]
    4.  the reuse of decision networks as patterns of use  [ Decision Patterns ]

The term “Decision Management” has become associated with enterprise and business level automation of the decision process (ref:  At CDS, the focus is on the development of capabilities for individual and groups for Decision-making, developing and administrating Decision Networks and applying Decision Patterns from the fuzzy front end of a project (large or small) through the product’s  lifetime.

Coherent Decision Solutions recognizes and promotes the awareness and application of the four tenets shown above as applied by an individual, a group or an organization. CDS also recognizes that the result of decisions can impact other processes and disciplines and endeavors to integrate appropriately with these affiliates.

Decision Making Basics