MBSE is the model, NOT the tool

The systems metamodel, the system model, and the executable model are within the purview of the systems engineer and MBSE. The simulation, physical and design models are in the purview of the detail engineers, and when combined with MBSE through the systems metamodel, form a digital engineering environment. So, the “M” in MBSE actually refers to the systems metamodel. It is through the systems metamodel that we improve the conduct of systems engineering by focusing on producing an effective system model and thereby refocusing away from the document-based systems engineering approach as the basis of systems design.
[Source: http://community.vitechcorp.com/index.php/mbse-system-models-executable-models-and-more.aspx MBSE: Systems Models, Executable Models and More by Mark Simons Posted on Octoer 24, 2019 ]

I agree with this and there are two implication:

  1. MBSE is not ‘the tools’ used to perform systems engineering but the shared model that should allow interchange of information within and between tools.
  2. In your ‘practicing engineer’ role, you should not have to think about this, hence the idea that SysML should be exposed to individual engineers is absurd.

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