Basics of FAVA

My system uses two primary classes of data: organizational elements and informational/data elements. These classes are supported by digital tools that supports linking and tagging along with file storage.

Organizational elements primarily have links to informational/data elements. Informational/data elements consist of text, pictures, audio, video, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. Essentially anything you can store.

The specific organizational elements I am using are:

  • Focus (Business, Growth, Home-Life)
  • Activities (Projects, Tasks, Spheres (of responsibility), Interests and Review Cycles (Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily)

The Informational/data elements are stored in:

  • Vaults:
    And I am using a separate vault to store items that are not ‘active’ but need to be available and to more easily manage synchronizing to lower storage volume devices:
  • Archives (synchronized on my desktop/laptop but not needed on my phone)

Along with these elements, I have a few support elements

  • Inbox: a place to hold information that has not yet been categorized and tagged
  • Templates: an Obsidian specific location to to store . . . templates
  • Transitory: a place to store information I expect to delete

PARA + PPV + LyT = FAVA My Information Architecture