Month: May 2022

Quick update on my switch to the Cybertron theme

As I dig deeper into the inspirational resources for FAVA, I am picking/choosing methods/processes/tools that I find useful. I switched to the Cyberton (LyT) theme because it is visually appealing and the sliding panes help keep my focus without loosing panes, but I found that pinning panes on the right side of my screen broke

Daily Notes and Calendar

I started out with Obsidian using the Daily Notes plug-in and opening a Daily Note everyday. This worked out well as I was tracking blood pressure readings on a daily basis so I added a field to my daily-note template (see below). That’s an advantage of using templates; they can be adjusted as you change

Comment on Nick Milo’s 2022-04-13 LyT Video

Nick released some thinking about the “Knowledge Process” which can be viewed here. I’m just starting to catch up with his offerings and find that his use of Obsidian is insightful. He is solidly in the camp of providing what I express as a “focused offering” and within that offering his ideas are resonating with