PARA + PPV + LyT => FAVA (Focus – Activities – Vaults – Archive)

Having worked with various systems to address personal and professional growth over 40 years from Daytimer, Franklin and Covey to P.A.R.A. I’ve used paper, text editors, word processors, spreadsheets, databases and PIMs. I am investigating LyT and PPV. There is nothing “wrong” with any of these systems but they are constrained by the intent of the developers/implementers.

The title references the three systems that coalesced my thinking. References can be found here. These ideas combining with my adoption of Obsidian brought me to the thinking captured here.

Obsidian is a tool that stores data locally but synchronizes using the internet and executes on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones so that it is almost always with me (even when not on-line).

For a system to work for YOU (and for you to use it), YOU have to determine what YOUR personal motivation are and select or create a compatible system to support your goals.

My choice is to create a system addressing all four areas:

  1. Life-oriented philosophy driving motivation => Focus
  2. Planning/Productivity (task management: life, daily, project) => Activities
  3. Information/Idea management (information capture/retrieval: notes, references) => Vaults and Archives
  4. Knowledge management (knowledge consolidation/discovery/retrieval: using links, tags and mapping) => Vaults and Archives

The extent that I apply the four areas will be my personal “focused offering“.

Introduction Basics of FAVA