FAVA Inspiration and Resources

The inspiration for FAVA

P.A.R.A – Tiago Forte
Tiago coined the idea of “Building a Second Brain” based on Project, Areas, Resources and Archives. He bases his work on David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) and adds a step up to digital materials. Tiago promotes the best tool for the job and offers suggestions.

PPV – August Bradley
August has a focus on the flow of organization which he tags as a Life Operating System based on Pillars, Pipelines and Vaults (PPV). Notion is his tool of choice.

LyT – Nick Milo
Nick promotes using linking as a mechanism to aid knowledge discovery, hence Linking Your Thinking(LyT). Obsidian is his tool of choice.


  • Obsidian is a markdown-based, local file information system with sync’ing
  • Evernote is a web-based information system with local device sync’ing
  • Notion is a web-based information system with local device sync’ing

Additional Resources

Other references that I have found with less impact on my thinking but possibly in line with yours.



Obsidian Roundup – Eleanor Konik
Eleanor is a moderator for the Obsidian Community and discusses notetaking, writing and Obsidian at the Obsidian Roundup

Special Mention

Evil Genius Chronicles – Dave Slusher
Dave promotes EGC as “A journal of geekery, music and joy” and introduced me via his podcast to both Obsidian and P.A.R.A.

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